Oct 7, 2010

Moving on...

In a few short days, I'll be leaving my fantastic SOMA loft to move to the Mission. Frankly, to an even more fabulous loft space with a beautiful deck, sky lights all over, on a quiet street with a great kitchen and tons of storage space! I can't wait!

It's been an interesting experience living down here. I can't really beat the commute, although it was hard to blame Muni for making me late to work when all I had to do was cross the street. It won't be the same living in the Mission. I'll miss the feeling of being on top of the world, and I'll miss my beautiful view, and I'll miss the Coke Sign. I will not be missing the homeless shelter around the corner, or all the broken glass from the car break-ins. I won't miss the steam cleaner coming by weekly at 4:30 AM, or having to go up & down stairs in the middle of the night to use the bathroom!

I've enjoyed my place, but I'm ready for my next new adventure! I think Eric & I will turn our new place into a really nice home. I look forward to lots of entertaining at home and a Winter full of excuses to not go anywhere, but just stay in. I also can't wait to explore the nooks and crannies of the new neighborhood! Watch this space for pictures coming soon!

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  1. It seems like you just moved to the SOMA space! But it's always fun to unpack and decorate a new place. I wish you and Eric luck with the move and a lifetime of happiness together in your new space.