Aug 24, 2010

7x7 Desserts - #1 - Lemon cream tart at Tartine Bakery

So... It's taken me a little while to get the time to start posting these, so there will be a flood of reviews at first... but then they should settle into about once a week. First up, the Lemon Cream Tart at Tartine Bakery.

The Experience: We walk by Tartine all the time and Eric has a spiritual relationship with their morning buns, so I knew anything that we'd have here would be good. Of course, we had to wait in the line, that always seems to be wrapped around the building. We were walking Kathleen's dog, Muggs, so Eric had to wait outside with her while I went in and got the tarts to go. The picture shows the small tarts on the bottom and the big tart on the top. Obviously they are art, even before you eat them. They put my tarts in a tasteful little bakery box and we walked back to Eric's place to enjoy them.

My Expectation: I love anything lemon and anything creamy, so I was sold even before I tasted the tart. Eric isn't so wild about Lemony things, so he wasn't as excited as I was. (Plus, he has that crazed look in his eye for the aforementioned morning buns.)

Evaluation: Yes! They were heaven. If a lemon cream tart sounds like your "thing", then you'll have a hard time finding a better one on planet Earth. Simple. Straightforward. Delicious. Extremely creamy. Not overly sweet. Just enough crust to add a sweet crunch, but thin and light. Truly heavenly.

Ranking: Being that this is the first one. This one is currently, #1.

Eric's Thoughts: Here

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  1. I'm not a huge fan of lemon either, but even those tarts look good to me! Yum! In fact to be honest, they are almost too decorative to eat.