Aug 24, 2010

7x7 - 50 Deserts in 50 Weeks

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About a month ago, I was perusing 7x7 magazine, and came across their list of, what they say are, the 50 best desserts in San Francisco. Taking this as a personal challenge, Eric & I decided to try one new dessert every week for the next 50 weeks, until we had tried them all! We decided to do them in order, so as to not pick out those that we liked best and skip the rest. Of course, Eric being the phenomenal photographer that he is, is capturing each one artistically.

Me being lucky to get the target of my photograph in the frame at all, is just using my iPhone to capture them. Still, they're so delicious looking that it isn't that rough to get a decent shot.

One other great thing about doing this particular set of quests is that not only will we try a lot of tasty treats, but we'll have the excuse to eat at a lot of amazing restaurants!

For each dessert, I'll be covering:
  • The Experience
  • What I expected from the dessert
  • What I thought of the dessert
  • My ranking of the desserts tried so far
  • A link to Eric's posting of the dessert (so you can see the pretty pictures & see what he said)
And... no, I will not be posting my current weight, waist size or need to purchase a new belt. Hopefully this will all just be further incentive to get my butt to the gym. For now... Let's start with the dessert!

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  1. Oh heck Trigby, you look fine, and besides, with all that walking one can do in San Francisco, you'll burn it off in no time! :D