Jun 23, 2010

PDC - Day 2 - XPLOR

I'd better get this darn trip documented, before I forget all about what happened...! Our 2nd day in Mexico, Eric's parents had bought us tickets to XPLOR, an adventury sort of amusement park in the middle of the jungle about 10 minutes south of PDC. First they give you little helmets with chips embedded in them so that every time you get near a camera it automatically takes a picture of you. Like this one, when we were in the "heart" of XPLOR:


This was the center starting point, from here there are all kinds of different adventures to go on. The first was driving the little off-road cars around a track which ran about 5 miles. It was very narrow, so there was very little "freedom", but still it was fun driving down into tunnels, over suspension bridges and up steep hillsides in the jungle!


Driving in XPLOR

Next was the zip-lining. I had never done any zip-lining before, and sailing WAY above the jungle, hanging from a cable was incredible! Unfortunately, you are SO high up that they don't really take pictures of you way up there. Eric was a little freaked out, and a lot freaked out when we got to the tallest one which was 45 meters tall, but he jumped like a trooper especially when he realized it would be at least an hour walk back thru the jungle if he didn't!

There's a video, but it will have to be posted later.

Finally we did some underground swimming and rafting in caves full of stalactites. It was awesome!






  1. wow that looks like FUN!!!!!! Was it hot inside the cave? Did they make you purchase all the pictures or did they come w/ the price of admission?

  2. It was actually quite cool in the caves, although the water was warm enough that it wasn't chilly. It was actually quite refreshing!

    They did make us pay for the pictures and they weren't cheap, but they were worth it!